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Next generation music

COmpletely personalized Music for any needs

Music is an essential piece for every moment in our life. That’s why from Krosonos we provide you with the highest quality services. From personalized productions and mastering, to our wide library, where you can find music for any kind of project you are developing.

Personalized composition

With our personalized compositions, we will create a completely personalized song for any kind of audiovisual content (events, videos, OST… ) to to give the audience the desired feeling according to your feedback and instructions. 


Our affordable mastering service is centered on obtaining the most out of your compositions following your preference in any musical style from metal to jazz or electronic music, we have you covered.

Song Library

Our song library has a great variety of songs  for any of your projects. They are ready to be downloaded onto your computer for you to use them as you will. We are constantly implementing new ones to have as much variety as possible to fit the theme of your projects.

About us

 From Krosonos we want to provide all of our customers with high end personalized quality music to make any event or audiovisual content, from YouYube videos to OST, reach in more depth their listeners hearts.

 As a  foundation to all of our projects, we allways use the best technological tools related with musical composition and mix it with our team of creative composers and with high quality sounds to obtain the composition that will give life to your projects.


Creative T-shirts

Check out our NEW collection of T-shirts with creative designs created by our team of graphic designers.

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Pirate's Life T-shirt

High-end sound quality

To produce all of your requests  use high quality programs to ensure the highest quality available in all of our compositions. We use programs such as Ableton live 10, or Akai’s MPC for the mastering proccess or Spitfire’s Albions for the sound libraries.

Our three foundations


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Latest From Our Blog

Our latest blog entries about the musical industry and our personal projects and opinions regarding them.

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How can event music help make your projects feel more creative

How can event music help make your projects feel more creative

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