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During the last couple of years, we have experienced a bigger demand on more ecological products such as eco clothing on most of the comercial sectors, from the food industry with the increase in the usage of new diets such as veganism or vegetarianism to the automovilistic sector with the increase in the sales of electric cars to avoid the usage of fosil suels. It is not a surprise that new generations are more concerned about being more “eco” friendly, partly because of the data revealing the predictions of an high increase on the sea levels and a permanent increase in temperature if nothing is done. It is a fact that new generations are more concerned about this problems but, has this new data and mindset affected in any way the cosmetic and fashion industry?




The short answer to this question is YES. But it can be approached from different perspectives. Even though the selling of “eco” clothing has increased over the las couple of years, due to the great minority “eco” clothing shops represent, the numbers have not escalated as far as in other sectors mentioned before which have increased from 200%-300% it’s sales whereas the cosmetic industry has not changed so much. But, why has the demand for this cosmetics not increased as much as other sectors has?

The main cause that has provoked this has been the different approaches the mainstream companies of this sectors has taken to make advertisements and has promoted their products. On one side, most sectors have taken a great advantage of the necessity for new  generations to be more conscious about their planet by making advertisements promoting “eco” friendly products of electric cars for new generations to see and to want to buy.

On the other hand, many other sectors as the described before, have opted for a more conservative route by keep doing what has been working for them since they started and not to invest on the new requests of potential clients. This strategy seems to have work for them until the start of this 2020 where, due to special circumstances, the many shops have needed to adapt and many customers, due to the Covid-19 have been forced to stay home. This has caused many customers that were less informed or did not have time to search for those “eco” textiles to have more time available to investigate and look up for this special shops and to be more selective with the product they buy. Due to this, we have seen a notable increase on the sales of “eco” T-shirts specially as well as other textiles such as: Jeans, purses, hoodies and underwear.


Finally, you can find some of this “eco” friendly shops at the end of this blog as well as our own shirts: