Loving death soundtrack


This audio tells the tale of a young lady walking through the streets of Madrid on her own, but this is not alike any other story because it has something special…

Let’s call it a twist.

The story is presented from a first person perspective to give a fully immersive experience never seen before using the 8D auditive technologies. You can obtain this audio wither purchasing it or by getting one of the pirate’s life & death T-shirts/bags and scanning the QR code.

Disclaimer: (This is just one possible interpretation of the auditive composition showed, we recommend listening to the audio before reading this extract).


You are walking down the streets of Madrid on a rainy night. No one seems to be passing by. There are few cars in the street and you keep walking to take the metro that would had led you to your house. There is the sounds of the sirens, apart from that and the mumbling of the rain, the street is quiet. Too quiet. So quiet that you can even hear your own footsteps. From the silence, you perceive a new sound. Flies. You can hear them but you can’t seem to see them. You can finally see the metro entry when a voice starts to torment you. You look around but there’s no one around, the voice won’t shut up. Your heart beat speeds as you try to run towards the metro. Flies keep buzzing around and finally you arrive to the metro. You can hear the whistling of the metro arriving. You get in and there is a group of kids talking. Everything seems in calm when suddenly, you start hearing those voices, and you hear them as if they tried to tell you something. You look up and you feel something hot coming out of your chest. You start to lose consciousness. You see the face of your killer one last time beforeyou expell your last breath.

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