Pirate’s Death & Life Soundtrack


This audios tell the tale of a shipwreck and it’s crew on a way never seen before using the 8D auditive technologies to give a fully immersive experience seen from the eyes of our protagonist, one of the crew members. You can obtain this audio wither purchasing it or by getting one of the pirate’s life & death T-shirts/bags and scanning the QR code.

Disclaimer: (This is just one possible interpretation of the auditive composition showed, we recommend listening to the audio before reading this extract).


This story talks about our first person protagonist, The captain. You wake up as the captain of one of the greatest ships in the seven seas because of the warning of your youngest crew-member announcing the arrival to a new land. You stand up, and get outside your cab to see a completely new horizon. There’s a light wind approaching from the island but nothing out of the usual. You start to walk through the deck of the ship contemplating your new discovery. Suddenly, you start to see how something emerges from the sea. The Island starts to tremble and the boat gets hit from the hull of the ship, the ship starts to sink and there is no escape. All your crew has exited the ship, you’re told to jump to the water and after a short glance at the destruction that passes behind you, you do so. When you land on the water, you seem to get stuck with the sail of the ship. In your last attempt to swim upwards, the last thing you see is a big red eye staring at you from the distance as you get trapped by your own ship, your legacy. You start to take your last breath and you wake up. It was all a nightmare. Or was it was an augur of what’s about to happen?

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